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Under Vehicle Trolley Type Search / Inspection Mirror (400mm diam. Mirror)

Product code: SM UV322

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Trolley type inspection mirror, with 400mm diameter, crystal clear, unbreakable plastic mirror and telescopic handle...

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This low cost, trolley type inspection mirror, features a superb 400mm diameter, crystal clear, unbreakable plastic mirror.
The use of lightweight materials combined with the castors on the underside of the mirror, ensures less stress on the operator, making this search mirror a great pick for practical and extended periods of operation.
The telescopic aluminium handle has a twist lock mechanism, allowing it to be locked at a suitable length for the operative (however tall or short they are!) up to its maximum extended length of 1.2 metres.
Handle folds for easy storage & transportation.
Shipping Dimension / Weight;

140 x 460 x 460mm / 9.0kg

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