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Telescopic Arm with Super Bright LED torch and 140mm diam. Acrylic Inspection Mirror (under vehicle search, etc)

Product code: SM TLAT/SMCXA

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This Quality Search Mirror comes with a telescopic arm with high performance torch and 140mm Acrylic mirror

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This NATO approved extendable search and inspection mirror, mounted on a 1.5 metre telescopic handle, is used all over the world by various police and military forces. It features a super bright LED torch but is economically priced, making it popular with UK security forces and professionals working in the public and private sectors who demand high quality tools.

The unit features a 4 section telescopic arm with torch and 140mm diameter crystal clear acrylic mirror. Ideal for under vehicle searches, etc.
The super bright 280 lumen LED torch provides essential illumination when the unit is used at night or in low light conditions, and also provides an invaluable aid to any search of the dark underside of a vehicle when the unit is used during the daytime in bright sunlight conditions.
A simple twist action allows the arm to be locked off at any desired length, so whatever the stature of your operator (short or tall), they will be able to adjust the arm to a convenient and comfortable operational length. 
Long telescopic arm with torch - 1500mm max extended length (530mm closed) - weight - 700 gm
Replacement mirrors available (prod ref SM SMC/XA)
These units are NATO approved.

Note;  see also the optional Telescopic Search Mirror Carry Case for this unit

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