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Over-under vehicle 300mm inspection mirror 3mtr telescopic handle 60 lumen light

Product code: SM OVSM321

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This practical lightweight extendable inspection mirror is easy to use and control even in poor weather conditions, and the 300mm diameter unbreakable mirror reflects a clear image even though the viewing distance may be several feet.

No need to clamber up lorries to check out the roof area, or the contents of high sided open trucks, skips, etc.
The telescopic mirror handle can be locked off at any point with a simple twist action, so you can easily adjust the length to suit the vehicle / area to be inspected. 
At night-time, or when the unit is used in low light environments, simply switch on the torch secured to the head of the unit to illuminate the search area.  

The illuminator supplied with this mirror unit is a 3 LED OSRAM unit with light output rating of 60 lumens and a 135 degree beam, which gives a wide light spread for searching areas close to the mirror face.



More Powerful Lamp option:

For more demanding applications, this search mirror / inspection mirror is also available with an alternative illuminator offering a much more powerful High Performance Light output with a choice of settings from 100 to 400 lumens - see our product reference  SM OVSM323HPL


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