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News for September 2019

Why are Convex Mirrors Used in Shops

We’ve all seen convex mirrors mounted on the ceilings and in the corners of shops and other retail premises. So why do shops use them and what benefits do they provide?

Where to Locate Driveway Mirrors for Optimum Safety

Safely exiting from a driveway onto a road can be tricky and is even more dangerous in poor weather and darkness. Convex driveway safety mirrors are enormously beneficial in many situations.

How to Use a Telescopic Inspection Mirror

Carrying out thorough inspections effectively and efficiently is challenging. Telescopic inspection mirrors are an essential inspection tool used in widespread applications to ensure that no areas are ever overlooked.

8 Benefits of Security Mirrors

Security mirrors provide a low cost but highly effective way to beef up security in our homes, workplaces and public spaces. Here are just 8 of the key benefits provided by using security mirrors.