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LED Illuminated Trolley Type - Inspection Mirror (20 x 40cm mirror area / 6 x illuminators)

Product code: SM TM2040L

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Super clear images are guaranteed with this rugged, lightweight trolley type under vehicle search and inspection mirror.
6 bright LED illuminators fitted around the perimeter of the mirror, ensure that there is plenty enough light for the operator get a clear reflection of the underside of the vehicle or area to be searched whatever the general ambient lighting conditions. 
Obviously illumination is essential to provide a good images in dark areas, but it`s actually equally essential to compensate for the high contrast between the dark underside of a vehicle and bright daylight.  
Power is provided by a 9v PP3 type alkaline or rechargeable battery which will power the 6 LEDs for around 35-40 hours use. 
Guide to the images (from top left - clockwise);
- Mirror with handle extended and LEDs switched on
- Unit viewed from underside - showing power switch
- Searching under seats is easy (...& even in the dark)
- Easy to see what`s under a vehicle - even on a sunny day
The unit features a 20 x 40cm (8" x 16") crystal clear acrylic mirror in a shatterproof ABS housing with rubber edge protective cover. The cleverly positioned rocker switch on the side of the base housing ensures it won`t get accidentally knocked.

4 x 360 degree castors allow the unit to move easily in any direction, whilst at 110cm when fully extended, the telescopic aluminium handle can be adjusted to a comfortable operating height to suit the operator. 
The use of lightweight but rugged materials keep the overall weight of this unit to under 2 kg - to minimise the risk of operator fatigue to a minimum, even when the unit is used continuously for extended periods of time. 
Specifications at a glance;
Mirror;         20cm x 40cm  Acrylic
Lighting;     6 x LED illuminators located around mirror perimeter
Power:        1 x PP3 type Alkaline / Rechargeable battery (35-40 hours use)
Body;           Shatterproof ABS plastic moulding with protective rubber bumper
Handle:       Telescopic (aluminium) - 40cm closed - 110cm fully extended
Wheels:      4 x 360 degree steel castors with polyurethane tyres
Overall Dimensions;    43 x 21 x 9cm      Overall Weight (battery fitted);  1.78 kg 

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