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About Us

For over 20 years, Insight has been delivering “Best Value Security Solutions” and Practical, No Nonsense Advice to customers from the public sector and businesses of all sizes to home owners looking for ways to protect their home. 

…which is why so many of our customers come back to us for advice and a solution, each time they have a security problem.

Taking the hassle out of finding the Best Solution for You

While many of our customers face similar problems, it’s often our specialist knowledge and practical, no nonsense advice that helps them to quickly find just the right solution for their needs. 

Honest Advice - Saving You Money!

Of course we’re in business to make a profit (why else would a business exist?), but we never let that get in the way of giving our customers our best advice …even if that is sometimes not what they want to hear!

Curiously, a couple of our best long term corporate customers evolved from ignoring our advice and learning the hard way that the product we would not sell them, really did not solve their problem!

Delivering Best Value Products

The fact that Insight Security is still around while many competitors have come and gone, is itself testimony to our commitment to delivering products that represent good value and importantly, do what they claim.  

"No Quibble" Money Back Guarantee

Our rigorous product selection criteria and testing, is your guarantee of quality …and it’s also why we can proudly offer our famous “No Quibble” Money Back Guarantee on products you purchase from us directly.

Top Quality Service & Support You can Trust

Our well earned reputation for delivering quality solutions on time is second to none. We always try to exceed our customer’s expectations, so you can be sure that we’ll be just as interested in helping you after you buy from us, as we were before you did. 

What do our customers say?

In a recent survey (which covered; product, service and overall experience of dealing with Insight), we were delighted that over 76% of respondents rated us as Excellent and over 21% as Very Good! …but we never rest on our laurels, so we’re working on the other 3%!!!

and here are just a couple extracts from some of their kind feedback...

“... Prikla Hinge strips received. Brilliant product, fantastic service...”
     Mr Paul D - Somerset (5029)

“...thank you for the quick delivery of my Security Screws. I am very much impressed with Insight Security, particularly with the follow up call. This is better service than provided by other companies I have dealt with...”
     Ken B - Kent (4827)

“...have received my Razor Channel “W” Profile – anti climb spikes. Really pleased with the product and the service could not be better...”
     Lindsey R - Powys (4845)

these are just a few examples of feedback from our delighted customers.....